Green Foods Corporation, founded by pharmacological researcher Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D. in 1979 is an industry leader who is dedicated to improving human health and well-being.

Green Foods believes that the best way to nourish our bodies with the nutrients it requires for good health is with natural, organic and bioavailable products.

Our products are natural dietary supplements that offer the nutrients found in fresh grasses, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other nutrient rich whole foods and are made by our own award-winning juicing and spray-drying process. They contain a natural balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals that work together synergistically to give us the daily nutrition we need to develop a strong foundation for good health.

For over 40 years, Green Foods has been the world-wide leader in the green foods category.  To date, our products have been sold in 52 countries throughout the world.  Our goals for the future are to continue to spread the benefits of barley to new countries, while reinforcing our commitment to the environment, to our customer’s wellbeing, and to Dr. Hagiwara’s original mission.

Dr. Hagiwara's Mission:

We devote ourselves to overcoming disease and helping to bring about a healthy, prosperous and peaceful world.

We hold the leading position in our industry by originating and developing superior products.

We maintain an organization of skilled, talented and highly motivated people who share these goals and work together loyally, cooperatively and courteously.

We find happiness by understanding our role in society, being constantly aware of our responsibilities, and appreciating the contributions we are able to make.

We explore our dreams and utilize our creativity to the fullest, as we work to advance the spiritual, as well as the physical well-being of the world.

Our Founder, Yoshihide Hagiwara M.D.

Dr. Hagiwara, a world-renowned scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur, graduated from Kumamoto University in Japan as a research pharmacologist. Early in his career, he developed over 200 highly successful products, becoming the owner of a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company.

In developing those products, Dr. Hagiwara experimented and handled many chemicals and soon realized their harmful effects.

After suffering from several health issues he attributed to the abundance of chemicals used in modern medicine, Dr. Hagiwara turned to a natural, nutritional approach to health and devoted his life to develop the best natural products available.

His research of more than 150 types of plants, including grasses, herbs, vegetables, and fruits, led him to discover nearly 40 years ago that young barley was “one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature.”

In order to capture and protect the delicate nutrients and enzymes in freshly harvested young barley grass, he developed and patented a unique juice extraction and spray-dry process that earned him Japan's prestigious Science and Technology Award. This process makes possible our powdered, nutrient-rich Green Magma®, first developed in Japan in 1969.

Dr. Hagiwara’s Career Milestones

1949:  Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacology, Kumamoto University.

1949:  Founded Hagiwara Pharmacy in Japan.

1952:  Established Yamashiro Pharmaceutical Co., Japan.

1960:  Doctor of Medicine, Tokushima University, Japan.

1968:  Established Japan Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.

1971:  Established Japan Natural Foods Co., Ltd., President.

1973:  Established Oita Factory in Japan.

1975:  Awarded the Invention Encouragement Award in Japan.

1976:  Founded the Green and Health Association in Japan.

1976:  Published Green Barley Essence, a best-selling book.

1978:  Established Development and Sales Co., Ltd., Japan.

1979:  Director of the Research Institute of Health Foods of Japan.

1979:  Established Green Foods Corporation in the United States.

1980:  Established the Hagiwara Institute of Health.

1982:  Lifetime Dedication to Pharmaceutical Industry Award presented by the Governor of     
          Osaka, Japan.

1987:  Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award for developing the barley
          juice powder process.

1988:  Established YH Products Corporation to manufacture in the United States.

1991:  Established a research partnership with the Environmental Toxicology Department,
          University of California at Davis, California.

1993:  Established Hagiwara Institute of Health in Kobe, Japan's largest privately-funded
          cancer research facility.

1995:  Received a Special Award from the Brazilian Government for his many contributions to
          world health and welfare.